Apprenticeship at KRIWAN

2024-05-24 Career

Training at KRIWAN is diverse and definitely not boring. Not only are all the important learning contents of the professions taught, but also teamwork, project management, and taking on responsibility. In the following blog post, you will learn more about it.

What training programs do we offer?

Currently, we offer the following programs:

If you want to learn more about these professions, check out the "Careers > Training" section on our website. You are also welcome to apply for an internship!


The uniqueness of our training lies in the fact that, in addition to working in departments, various projects are also carried out. These projects are mostly planned, organized, and implemented by the trainees themselves. This not only imparts the typical training content but also additional important skills for professional life. Many professions regularly involve projects that need to be worked on. To successfully master a project, it is important to have the corresponding skills, which can almost exclusively be learned through practical experience.

Our training enables trainees to learn both how to handle projects and the necessary skills. These important competencies include teamwork, communication skills, problem-solving ability, organization, time management, and many others. Since the trainees take on almost all projects independently, they can assume a lot of responsibility during their training, independently distribute tasks, and develop a strong sense of duty.

What projects are there in the training?

In our company, there is a variety of projects with different schedules and carried out by different teams. Some projects take place weekly, while others occur only once a year. They can be scheduled at fixed times or planned flexibly as needed.

Each project is managed by a specific team of trainees. Some KRIWAN trainees focus on introducing children to electronics. They do this, for example, through MINTec-6 and MINTec mobil, where they support teachers in technology lessons. Additionally, some KRIWAN trainees lead the technology AG classes at GSS-Forchtenberg.

In the field of commercial training, KRIWAN trainees are involved in projects such as planning upcoming training and career orientation fairs. First, the fairs to participate in are selected. Then, it is planned which trainees will attend the fairs and what materials need to be taken to maximize the presence on site. Since cleanliness and order are crucial in professional life, there is also the 5S team at KRIWAN. This team is responsible for regularly organizing the training workshop and arranging the tools in their designated places. As the name suggests, the project is based on the 5S principle, which stands for cleanliness, order, standardization, discipline, and self-discipline.

Of course, trainees also have the opportunity to propose and implement their own projects.

How does training at KRIWAN work?

The training consists of both practical parts in the company and theoretical parts at the vocational school. On school days, theoretical knowledge about the training and general knowledge is imparted. In the offered training professions, trainees attend the commercial or technical school in Künzelsau one to two days per week. On the remaining days, they spend most of their time in their respective departments at KRIWAN.

During the training, trainees go through every department at KRIWAN that fits the respective training profession (e.g., commercial trainees go through commercial departments such as customer success, HR, marketing, sales, or purchasing, while electronics technicians or industrial electricians go through technical and industrial departments such as manufacturing, production, quality management, and industrial engineering). Typically, they spend about two to three months in a department before switching. There, they gain insights into the daily work of the employees and independently take on tasks within the department. Each trainee is, of course, supervised by a staff member of the respective department. At the end of each departmental assignment, a feedback discussion is held to reflect on the assignment and exchange suggestions for improvement.

When the trainees are not in their department, they are busy with a project. Through these projects, each trainee has an individually designed week. The training also includes trade fair visits and assisting at company events. These events give trainees the opportunity to expand their network within the company, gain practical experience, and represent the company externally. Additionally, there are regular training sessions and workshops aimed at further developing the trainees' personal and professional skills. Topics such as communication, project management, and teamwork are covered.

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