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Optical monitoring

INT280 Oil level regulator

  • Article No.

    31 S 381
    41 S 381
    52 S 381

  • Application

    The INT280 monitors and controls the oil level in the refrigerant compressors. In particular, the problem of bad oil distribution in multi-compressor packs is solved, thanks to active oil supply from a shared oil reservoir. The oil level regulator keeps the oil level at half the height of the sight glass.

  • Functional description

    If the optical monitoring unit detects that the oil level is low, the integrated oil supply solenoid valve is activated by the electronics. Via the solenoid valve, oil is cyclically injected into the compressor crankcase. The INT280 generates an alarm signal and activates the relay output if the oil level is still too low after a defined period of time. During the "oil deficiency" alarm status, the electronics of the INT280 continues to operate the solenoid valve, in order to inject oil into the crankcase. The alarm status is automatically reset if the oil level is at half the height of the sight glass.

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