Major, traditional manufacturers of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology have their headquarters in the USA. KRIWAN Americas with headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, has been running the US and Canadian operations since 2006.

Long-term customers benefit from having their KRIWAN contacts directly on the American continent. In addition to protection and control equipment for refrigeration units, building technology products are also delivered directly to the customer in the US and Canadian markets. As a local expert, the KRIWAN office in Dayton is able to forward customer demands directly to the Forchtenberg specialists.

Solutions and custom applications are developed cooperatively. Thanks to this arrangement, customers on the American continent also become a source of inspiration for new products and solutions. Global leader, local expert - the American market benefits from this concept.


INT169 R /INT369 R
Drop-In Replacement for TI/Sensata AA Modules

The INT169 R/INT369 R range of protection modules from KRIWAN are accepted and approved by hermetic motor and compressor manufacturers as 100% drop-in replacements for the TI/Sensata range of AA modules.